Yvonne + Eli // Romantic Summer Wedding

Yvonne + Eli’s day was full of intentional details, beautiful friends, the sweetest family, and a whole lot of love.

On June 14th, they spent the day getting ready at the most beautiful venue. This stunning manor sat tucked away on a country road surrounded by woods. Yvonne, surrounded by her family and fourteen bridesmaids (yes, you read that correctly), prepared for the day with nervous excitement.

When it was time for the first look between her and Eli, she met him out on path in the woods. The amount of peace that filled the space in their meeting was truly special. Though their day was anything but small (fourteen bridesmaids, remember), they carved out time together where they could slow down, breathe, and take the day in. That same peace that filled their first look carried through them the rest of their day as they celebrated with their loved ones.

Kayleigh + Presley // Home Session

Photographing people at their home — a place where love deepens in the everyday rhythms of life will always be special to me.

Kayleigh + Presley just celebrated one year of marriage and recently bought their first home together. This space is one they’ve worked on for months to create a space that reflects them. It is warm and oh so inviting. Each detail has purpose and draws you in.

When they reached out to have me document this season of life, I knew it’d be a good one. We spent some time hanging out over coffee and homemade pop-tarts in their kitchen, danced through the living room, and made it all the way to their backyard, complete with the most darling strung lights. Not to mention, they have the cutest pup named Mully who made sure his presence was known.

Railey + Soran // Downtown Winter Wedding

On December 16th, 2018, I was given the honor of photographing the wedding of Railey + Soran.

The wedding took place in Anderson, SC, at the Bleckley Station, on a warm and sunny December day surrounded by family and friends. They threw tradition aside and catered the day to reflect what was important to them.

One of the most beautiful and probably my favorite unconventional aspects of their wedding day happened during the ceremony when Soran proceeded up the aisle to meet his bride at the entrance. They walked arm in arm down the aisle together to the altar. What a beautiful picture of how Christ came for the church.