Greenwood, SC In Home Newborn Session

In home newborn sessions may just be my all-time favorite and my heart is still full from photographing these sweet friends. Those first few weeks are a treasure and mark the beginning of such a beautiful, messy, wonderful season. They welcomed their son home just two weeks prior and were taking every moment to snuggle and kiss on their little one. It was beautiful to watch them make him feel loved and safe in his new home. Each corner of his nursery was crafted so thoughtfully for him. It was a lovely fall day, so we took advantage of it and ended our session with a stroll around the neighborhood.

I’ve always loved photographing babies but it wasn’t until giving birth to my very own little one back in September that I began to understand the significance of it. Being a mom has changed the way I think about photographs. These days, while your baby is growing, is so precious and the time is fleeting. These are the kind of photos you’ll look back on in a week and see an old familiar face that you miss because the one you see on your baby today has already changed so much. These are the photos your child will see as an adult to try and grasp what his life was like back then. These are days to memorialize.

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