Tennessee Harpeth River Maternity Session

It wasn’t until I became pregnant with our little one that I started to realize how special the season of pregnancy can be. Of course we’re all excited to hold our little ones in our arms, but there’s something about the waiting that is so sweet. The time you and your partner get to bond over this gift of new life being knit together and prepare to best care for your little one is a tender experience. It can be nerve wracking and daunting, yes, but nothing compares to this kind of gift. Maternity photography sessions are a perfect way to document and commemorate this fleeting season and each one I get to photograph is dear to me.

When Madisyn reached out to me about wanting to go on a little adventure out in nature for maternity photos, I was thrilled. We met up just outside of Nashville, TN to take their maternity photos tucked away in one of the most scenic spots in middle Tennessee. It was an unusually overcast and chilly day for May, but we embraced it. We began by making the steep climb up to the overlook – something we both were fairly proud of both being far along in our pregnancies – and wandered through the trails. For the second half of our time together, we took the trail down to the mini waterfall where we hung out until the last few minutes of daylight.

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